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Areas of Practice

Tax Law and Litigation

The attorneys at Lynch Conger and McLane LLP are experienced in helping business and individuals establish solid tax plans and navigate tax matters that arise at the federal, state, and local levels. We have experience counseling corporations, non-profits, closely held businesses, and individuals on a wide variety of tax-related matters. Because our firm has experienced attorneys who practice in several areas of business and tax law, we are well-equipped to serve our clients on large or complex tax matters.

Our Approach to Tax Law

  • We are licensed to represent you at the federal level with the IRS and at the state and local level in Oregon, California, and Washington.
  • We have represented individual and corporate clients on a wide array of complex tax matters, including income apportionment, statutory and regulatory interpretation, and constitutional limitations on taxation.
  • Because tax issues frequently dovetail with many other areas of law and business planning, we review tax issues that may arise in Estate Planning, Business Exit Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, and other times of personal or business-related transitions or restructuring.
  • Our deep understanding of business law issues informs our approach to business tax planning, and we understand the unique ways that businesses are affected by laws and tax credits involving energy, transportation, new development – and others.

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Our focus is on preparing our clients for success with comprehensive tax planning, and achieving
successful resolution of tax issues that do arise as early in the process as possible. Contacting experienced legal counsel early in the process can be beneficial to you. If you need experienced legal counsel regarding tax issues, email us. We can help.