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Areas of Practice

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) can be your most valuable asset. The attorneys at Lynch Conger LLP will work with you to protect your concept or prototype as your product develops and your business grows.

Business owners trust Lynch Conger LLP to help establish confidentiality practices and non-disclosure agreements to protect property and IP. When privacy violations occur and disputes arise, we fiercely prosecute infringement claims, and we provide strong defense when our client’s rights are challenged.

Our Services

Lynch Conger offers a full range of IP services for businesses and individuals, including:

  • Trademark procurement and protection
  • Licensing
  • Enforcement
  • Dispute resolution
  • Technology transfer
  • Strategic development
  • Litigation

We are experienced in the search and registration, licensing, and protection of trademarks, both domestic and international.

Additionally, our team of attorneys are equipped to help you establish and protect your copyrights we will help you protect your original work in any medium, from audio and video files to technology, software, website content, and beyond.

Our focus on protecting your product extends beyond securing copyrights; our team will provide you with protection strategies to safeguard your royalties, ensure fair use, and anticipate any preservation issues that may arise.

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The attorneys at Lynch Conger are strategic, experienced, and recognized for their committed representation of IP clients in the Northwest. Need legal counsel? Email us – We can help.